Bry Walther Memorial Farm

The Bry Walther Memorial Farm is a 4-acre lab facility designed to enhance the "learn by doing" philosophy of the West Valley Agriculture Department. The farm serves both animal science and plant science students. 


The centerpiece of the farm is a 7,680 square foot pavilion. This building serves as our monthly meeting place where a typical meeting averages near 200 members. The pavilion also hosts our annual fundraiser dinner, fall festival, our spring ag awareness day for junior highers, and sectional FFA activities.


The animal science program is also centered in the pavilion and includes lamb and hog pens and a wash rack. Outside the pavilion is a complete beef cattle working facility.


The plant science program features two greenhouses, two shade houses, rose pruning lab, one acre of mandarin oranges, and a vineyard with both wine and table grape varieties. A crops area provides pumpkins for local elementary students with free pumpkins every year.  Landscape areas beautify the farm while giving the landscaping students a regular maintenance lab.


The farm generates thousands of dollars of income each year for students through their livestock projects, mandarin orange sales, and fall and spring plant sales.

The farm is dedicated in the memory of Bry Walther who was tragically killed in a car accident during his senior year in 1995.  Bry served as the Chapter President and assisted other members with their projects by housing them at his home, checking weight, and helping other students make management decisions about their animals.  Bry was considered a friend to all who knew him.


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